Decals Coming Soon

Here’s an update for all of you. I’m working on creating decals for bulk machines that you can stick inside or outside of the Lexan or Perspex “glass” used for globes and panels. At this moment, I’ll only be offering currency decals in a round shape but I will eventually add more as I continue to experiment with this process. The eventual goal is to offer full wraps for people who don’t want to go through the need of painting and add a custom, unique look to their bulk machines. I would also offer printed decals as another solution over painting on Lexan or Perspex, as that doesn’t last long without scoring the surface and giving paint something to stick to.

The ones you stick outside are traditional printed decals and you’d stick them on your machine just like normal. These are 1-inch diameter decals and I’m able to print nearly any currency, but be sure to ask before you request an order. Some fonts I use are limited in what currency symbols they will produce and the stock fonts I’m offering are listed below each decal example above. Color schemes are not limited to those colors, but you will need to tell me what three colors you want for the outline, inner circle, and text based on the colors on the ColorsWall website. Just a word of warning, the colors on your screen might not be exact and in order to ensure accuracy of what you want, I will send you a watermarked example set for you to print out, cut, and compare on your machine to see if the scheme and colors work. Final colors may also not exactly match what your machine prints out due to differences in individual inkjet and laserjet machines. For reference, my current printer is a Canon MX450. Further, I will do my best to ensure the decals are cut as close to sellable as possible, but again there will be some need to adjust expectations slightly. Some decal outlines might be tenths off from another, but should be nothing more than that.

Because these standard decals are just printed on standard, inkjet compatible vinyl, I’ll offer these for $1 for four full-color sets or $4 for a sheet that has 12 of a single design. A single design means, a single color scheme and font and this is simply due to the speed of doing them all at one time. The best way to get multiple color schemes and fonts is ordering a set of 4 of each one you want. If you want your standard decals laminated, it will be the same as the reverse decals below.

The ones that will go inside are reversed so that they read normally from outside the machine, but also means they require an additional step by laminating a second layer of white vinyl over the clear vinyl I print to. For these, I’ll sell them for $1.25 for a set of four and $5 for a sheet of 12 of a single design. The reason standard and laminated decals are the same price as the reverse decals is due to the same amount of vinyl material will be used as the reverse decals.

Custom currency decals will be $3 for a set of four as a 1-inch round custom color(s) that you want and you must provide the artwork. Any artwork must also legally belong to you or you have permission to use and I will be asking for proof of ownership and use. A sheet of 12 of that single design will be $12. A custom design will be $1.50 per inch on the longest inch with a maximum of 10 inches (which would be $15). Again, any artwork may be used but you must have permission to own and use that artwork. At this time, I will not offer custom artwork outside of logos, currency, and other simple designs. Those will be simpler designs will be offered for $30 per design hour and revision time will be added to the final invoice.

For orders, contact me through my email,, with “Decals” in the subject line and what you’d like to order in the body. Custom details should also be included in the body, if you want a custom decal. Custom artwork, again, must have proof of ownership or permission of use from the artist along with contact info for the artist.

The main reason I’m doing this is to allow me to continue to offer up new videos on products and more as well as eventually sell more than just these decals. I hope that you continue with me on this unique adventure into the custom bulk vending machine world and support this and other projects on Vend Craft Customs.